A Surprising Detox Cured Elisabeth’s Pain

After years of suffering with nerve pain, fatigue and other debilitating symptoms, Elisabeth Dunham discovered an incredible natural remedy

“I went from bedridden to active business owner in a matter of weeks,” says Elisabeth of her detox regimen

As the doctor spoke, Elisabeth Dunham felt defeated. For four years, she’d been suffering with severe pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog and digestive issues. Barely able to function, she’d been forced to give up her music career just when her band was about to hit it big. But despite focusing all her attention on searching for an answer and going to doctor after doctor, her symptoms persisted.

There has to be someone who can help me, Elisabeth thought, deciding to consult a naturopath, who finally diagnosed her with Lyme disease. But any relief she felt quickly faded as the naturopath told her that her recovery would be difficult.

“Your immune system is being compromised by toxins, which exacerbate your symptoms,” the doctor explained, noting that tests showed Elisabeth had high levels of toxic heavy metals in her body. “How did I get them?” Elisabeth asked. “Toxins are everywhere—in the air, water, food, even household and personal

care products,” the doctor explained, as Elisabeth’s heart fell. I have to rid my body of these toxins to heal myself, yet I’m constantly surrounded by them. How will I ever get better? she despaired.

A unique cure

“Bentonite clay absorbs negatively charged toxins, which can boost overall health!”

— Dr. Josh Axe

Elisabeth started researching ways to detoxify the body and decided to start a juice cleanse. But sadly, she didn’t experience any relief in her symptoms. Then one day, a friend brought her some powdered food-grade bentonite clay (a form of aged volcanic ash) that she could mix with water and drink. “It’s a great way to detox—it really helps,” her friend insisted. “Wait…you can drink lava?” Elisabeth asked, incredulous.

But after talking to her naturopath, she learned bentonite clay has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when it comes in contact with water, it pulls heavy metals out of the body like a magnet. “Along with adding it to drinking water, some people put bentonite powder in their bathwater,” the doctor told Elisabeth. Encouraged, Elisabeth began drinking “lava cocktails”—1 tsp. of food grade bentonite powder in 8 oz. of water—three times a day, five days a week. And a few times a week, she’d dilute 1⁄ cup in her bathwater and soak for 20 minutes.

To her amazement, within just a few weeks, Elisabeth’s pain began to ease. She had more energy, zest and enthusiasm for life. She also felt happier and less anxious.

Thrilled, she continued her bentonite regimen and kept feeling better and better.

I have to share this amazing healing secret with other women, Elisabeth thought, excitedly, and she launched Lava Love (Lavaloveusa.com), her own line of bentonite-based bath and body products.

Today, five years later, Elisabeth, 54, continues to reap the benefits of bentonite clay and is healthy and thriving. She now runs various health businesses, is a nutritional coach and an active mom of two. “Bentonite clay allowed me to harness the Earth’s healing power to heal my Lyme symptoms,” she cheers. “Now I feel blissful and better than ever!”

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